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The Modern Approach to NOx Reduction

Feature in “Nordjyske”

Feature in “Nordjyske” 150 150 Adnox

Nordjyske, one of the larger newspapers in Denmark has written an article on the next step of our ADNOX system, able to remove more than 80 % of NOx from exhaust gasses.

Ole Fanøe, our R&D Manager.

The article is in danish and can be read on Nordjyske’s website:

Change in Executive Management

Change in Executive Management 150 150 Adnox

Ole Fanøe, the current CEO has stepped down as of 31.12.2018, and will take the role of R&D Manager, paving way for our new CEO.

Rasmus Hans Jensen, the CEO of the parent company, Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S, has as of 01.01.2018 taken the role of Chief Executive Officer.

The Modern Approach to NOx Reduction

The Modern Approach to NOx Reduction 150 150 Michael

ADNOX A/S, the R&D start-up in which Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S recently acquired the majority stake, has released details of their Advanced Diesel NOx reduction method, “ADNOX”. The ADNOX System is a SCR system using diesel oil as reductant offering more than 80% NOx reduction. The oil injected is converted to heat, leaving 50% more heat for recovery.

The advantages are:
• No need for storage tanks for the reductant.
• No extra overall costs of reductant.
• The waste heat can be recovered for production or electricity.
• Significant reduction of weight and space saving, leaving more cargo space.

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