Article: Teaming agreement with Thales Nederland

Article: Teaming agreement with Thales Nederland

Article: Teaming agreement with Thales Nederland 150 150 Adnox

10/09-2020, Nordjyske – by Søren Østergaard

ENVIRONMENT:  Important doors are being opened for Hadsund-based ADNOX that is ready to make global naval fleets more environmentally friendly with a new exhaust gas cleaning system.

HADSUND: The small North Jutland based company ADNOX has got a foot in the door with one of the world’s largest groups in the defense industry. ADNOX has signed an agreement with the French company Thales.  It is a cooperation between the tiny and the giant. ADNOX, which is located in Hadsund, has only a handful of employees, whereas French Thales has over 80,000 employees and a turnover of 140 billion euros per year.

But the North Jutland based company has developed an interesting product, which can make ships all over the world more environmentally friendly. It is a system that removes NOx particles from the exhaust gas from ships. The agreement is signed at a time, where ADNOX has finished development of the system and is ready to start production. In January, the company will do a large-scale test on a power plant in the Faroe Islands.

“The marine industry is conservative. We experience huge interest in our product, but everyone would like to see it work in practice. Soon we will have the possibility to demonstrate this on the Faroe Islands and it is our intention to invite everyone in the marine industry that has taken an interest in ADNOX to the Faroe Islands to see the system in operation”, says Hans Peter Jensen, Chairman of the Board in ADNOX.

The agreement with Thales paves the way to many and large potential customers.   

“It is an absolutely essential agreement for us. Thales is active in the defense industry, which is an area, that is very difficult to access. The cooperation with Thales helps us to open the right doors’’, says Hans Peter Jensen.

Less pollution

He (Hans Peter Jensen, edit.) is also Chairman of the Board in Hadsund-based Hans Jensen Lubricators, which produce lubrication systems for marine engines. I 2018, the company acquired the majority of the shares in ADNOX.

“It is obvious that when governments talk so much about climate changes, you are, as the government, required to set a good example by reducing the pollution from the government owned vessels, including  naval vessels’’ , says Hans Peter Jensen.

The French group also believes that the cooperation can help the maritime customers to reduce both NOx and CO2 emissions.

“ADNOX has laid the foundation for an exciting new technology, which Thales will now help further develop to create value for our customers in the naval domain. We are proud to work together with ADNOX to help our naval customers to realize their ambitions in reducing NOx and CO2 emissions from naval operations”, says Gerben Edelijn, CEO in Thales’ Dutch division, in a press release.

The technology has been developed by civil engineer Ole Fanoe from Aalborg. He came up with the idea eight years ago. Conventional exhaust gas cleaners are based on the use of the fertilizer, urea, to remove the NOx. Ole Fanoe has developed a method, where he uses diesel oil, and at the same time the system is able to recover the heat, which is generated in the process. The heat can be transformed into energy for use on the ship and at the same time reduces the fuel consumption.  

ADNOX also stresses that by using their system, ships can avoid bringing urea onboard, while diesel oil is inherently already available on the ship.

“Our technology is quite interesting. No matter who we talk to in industry, they will say that if it is possible to use diesel oil instead of urea, then that is a big leap forward’’, reports the Chairman of the Board of ADNOX.

Ambitions to grow

The French-North Jutlandic cooperation does not place a demand on Thales to purchase products from ADNOX.

“We will have to do the sales ourselves, but via Thales we will get access to decision makers that select the equipment that goes onboard naval vessels’’, says Hans Peter Jensen.    

He declares that the development phase at ADNOX is concluded. Now ADNOX is ready to start production at the factory in Hadsund. ADNOX is located on the same address as the main owner, Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S, that has app. 100 employees, while ADNOX at the moment only employ a handful of developers.    

“We are humble towards the large potential and realize that the trees do not grow into the sky, as we also have competitors in the international market. But our ambition is for ADNOX to become a company that is similar to Hans Jensen Lubricators in size and scope”, declares Hans Peter Jensen.



  • ADNOX is founded by civil engineer Ole Fanoe from Aalborg, who has developed the patented exhaust gas cleaning system
  • In 2018, Hans Jensen Lubricators, Hadsund, took over the majority of the shares in ADNOX and today owns 65% of the company
  • ADNOX stands for Advanced Diesel NOx reduction
  • The exhaust gas cleaner removes harmful NOx particles and uses diesel oil, in opposition to conventional systems that use the fertilizer urea. This is an advantage for ships that will avoid having to bring urea onboard. Diesel is already used on the vessel for other purposes.
  • In addition, the ADNOX system will contribute to reduce the ships energy consumption
  • International regulations on how effectively ships must clean their exhaust gas are tightened, and for this reason the market for exhaust gas cleaning systems is growing  
  • Thales is a French electronics group with divisions in many countries
  • Thales produces systems for aerospace, defense and security. The group is partly owned by the French state